Thursday Morning Service of the Annual Conference 6/05/2008

Teaching Ministry: Rev. Dr. G. Ray Coleman pastor of St. Mark AME Zion Church

Theme: Dealing with the matter of the Kingdom of God

Hard to define and describe the Kingdom of God

Something we have to ascent to.

You have to beg God for the power. The Kingdom of God and Discipleship

LUKE 14:25-33

Pre-requisites for having in concept of the Kingdom of God forsaking everything – ordinary disciple brings 3 contingencies

  • Fulfilled by their affliction.
  • How to climb out of your humanness and into your spiritual-ness.
  • Those who can’t stand to be challenged can not walk with God.


If you’ve got life in you live it to the fullest. The repentant life is discipleship.

Change your mind and change the ill core of your being. How you think or feel about persons or things is important. It is impossible to break free of your additions until you have changed your mind. Until you repent you are still in recovery. Repent and then be baptized not the other way around. You can not love anyone or anything else greater than God not even your life. You are not disciple worthy until suffering and rejection has occured.

We are just dusk, just a spec. Redemption by something that has been used and lost its value. The maker pays more than what it is worth to get it back. Your father in heaven is willing to pay more than what your worth to get you back. Men are frightened of solitude when they become aware of responsibilities and duties.

Your love for Christ is more powerful than this world.

Reports of the delegates, pastors, evangelist and super numerary Evangelism and other business.

Presiding Elder’s Report : Rev. Lawson

Hebrews 11:1-10

Theme: Daring now to walk by faith in God

Rev. Wittiger >Pittsfield. Online Bible Study

Psalms 34

Sermon: Rev. Darin Moore

Iron Man – Misinterpreted Iron Man’s strength and where it came from . It came from his heart. The real measure is in their heart.

Ezekiel 47:1-7/ 12

Theme: Get into the Flood

Afternoon Service: Get into the Flow

When the church is at its best we are flowing out into the community. To offer job training opportunities. Worship as priest, witness as prophets. Prophets work in the street. It starts with a prophetic source but will always be a progressive course. There are some that go to the beach and never step in the water. There are some who go to the church they are even church experts but they never become members or get out of their seats. They sit back and watch all the time. We can move through our troubles. Look at the Cedar creek bridge. When you are in up over your head as the water rises lean back. Thank you God for the Atlantic, the Chesapeake, the James River, Cedar Creek, Stone bridge, AME Zion Bishop Battle, Elder Pastor, lay people….. let it over flow and GIVE him praise.

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