Friday Morning Women’s Home & Overseas Missionary Society Prayer Breakfast 6/06/2008

African Attire was worn this day. I missed the morning missionary convocation because I had a phone interview. I purchased some coffee from the coffee project to help support the cause. I was able to hear the sermon given by Rev. W. Darin Moore Pastor of Greater Centennial, New York and Presiding Elder Nassau District-Bahama Islands Conference.

Theme: Watch Your Mouth

Exodus 14: 10-16 “Don’t be scared” concentration on verse 14

I would prefer a cancellation rather than a delay with my travel agent of glory. The process of getting us to where we want to be can be long and there will be delays. The delay is there to protect us. Delays are there to ensure our deliverance.

~When people begin to talk about the good ol days they are sending you back. Be careful of listening to the chorus of negativity in your life. What good ol day are they referring to when black were being lynched? The good ol days weren’t good they are just old. When you think of this in terms of preachers. When you get a new preacher and the other one leaves everyone is now saying that was the best preacher we ever had but they neglected to treat him better when he was there.

The very thing you are complaining about God will use to deliver you and use against your enemies. Watch your mouth stop complaining and go forward. You had to go through it. But when you come out on the other side you will be delivered. Plan your work and work your plan.

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