BISHOP  Hines Visiting Goodwin

Bishop Hines visits Goodwin





One thought on “Events

  1. Sometimes we wonder, what does the historically black church have to offer this present generation. To the black youth who may be blessed with resources, but still suffer insidious racial profiling; what does the church have to say? The same message, really: that there is a creation, that a person created this beauty (and ALL of us) and this person recognized that we were not choosing a healthy path, consistently (used to call it sin, but whatever you call it, read the newspaper for a clear view), paid for that “being bent in the wrong direction” by death, and rose from the dead. Fantabulous things all. Yet, now, the church is open to letting this message of redemptive love speak more clearly through the voice of women. That’s a shift for this church. More to come…. Let’s pray so.

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