Wednesday Evening Service Annual Conference 6/04/2008

The evening service was a delight and a true blessing. The sermon was given by the Reverend Lloyd McKenzie from the Eastern District (Boston).

Evening Service @ 7:30pm

Kings I (17: 1-7)

Don’t Panic Wait for the Rain

What do you do when you go the brook and it is dry? When we take God out everything dries up. For those who seek the will of the Lord sometimes obedience gets you in trouble. If you find that nothing puts a smile on your face anymore, your brook has dried up. If Sunday after Sunday gets repetitive your brook has dried up. God does provide a hiding place for you. It was God who gave you the brook in the first place so don’t leave it just because its dried up. We worry when it gets cloudy but don’t worry ….wait on the rain.

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