A Better Chance Appreciation

The Goodwin Memorial AME Zion Church showed its appreciation to the ABC fellows last Sunday. These promising young men come from Connecticut, Boston and New York to attend Amherst Regional High School. Their new host parents are the Bailey’s originally from Jamaica. May God continue to bless them all and may the Goodwin Community continue to be a welcoming place for the ABC program.

One thought on “A Better Chance Appreciation

  1. I am so proud to say that as a child I grew up in Goodwin Memorial AME Zion Church I have very fond memories growing up there I can remember going to church every Sunday with my grandmother Susan Dacosta better known as mrs.D. a primer in the Amherst community I truly thank God for AME Zion Church it helped me to grow and be the man that I am today I now live in Virginia retired Navy and have my own family I hope soon that I will be able to come home and visit my old church home I have fond memories of Miss Hawkins, Dr. Boyer ,Mrs Boyer, I could go on and on as I sit here and my family room reminiscing. May God bless you and Goodwin Memorial AME Zion Church

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